Tips On How To Introduce Your New Partner To Your Kids

Following a divorce, it may be difficult for parents to introduce their new partners to their kids. Kids have a hard time accepting their parents are no longer. Therefore, the thought of introducing a brand new partner can be scary. It is normal to have this fear, but there is a solution.

When it comes to introducing a new lover, there is no guaranteed way to get a positive response from your kids. But, following a few tips can ease the process and greatly increase the odds of it working out. Meanwhile, if you are going through a divorce, a Sandy divorce attorney can help you facilitate the process.

Tips to introduce your new partner to your kids

  • Tell your child that your new partner makes you happy. 

At the end of the day, they are your child, and they care about your happiness. They watch you closely and notice what makes you happy and what does not. When the time comes for an introduction, be sure to tell your child that your new partner makes you happy. Let them know that you would like them to meet your partner because it is important for you. 

  • Speak to your ex-spouse. 

One mistake you should not make is telling your ex-spouse afterward or allowing your child to break the news to them. If you bring a new partner into your child’s life, it would be better to speak with the other parent first. If your ex’s feelings are still raw, give it some more time. It can be hard to see your ex move on first, so listen out their fears and emotions. 

  • Choose the right time. 

It is possible that you meet your soulmate right after the divorce and are excited to bring them into your child’s life. However, children need more time to adjust to a divorce, especially minor ones. Your child may have feelings of anger, sorrow, and other heightened emotions. If you break the news too soon, it may interfere with their healing process. Patience and choosing the right moment is the key. 

  • Make it clear that the new partner does not replace the other parent. 

No matter how much you love your new partner, they will never replace your child’s actual parent. Your child will always feel a natural loyalty to them, no matter what. Sometimes children feel they are betraying their parent by being too friendly with the other parent’s new partner. Therefore, it is crucial that you make it clear that their mother/father is special and nobody can replace them.

When you get into a new relationship after a divorce, you change yours as well as your child’s life. This is only one of the many hurdles you need to cross during and after the divorce. Contact an attorney in Sandy to have someone take care of the legalities while you care for your family.