Holster gun is an essential element in a fighter’s equipment. It’s good choice reflects the ease of movement in extreme circumstances and the speed with which the firearm is used during combat, on which the safety and life of its owner depend directly. Not only is the winner of the film the first to win a gun, but also in life. A small fraction of spending time removing a gun from a holster can solve a lot of problems. Both the fighter cast and the equipment design itself make a significant impression on speed.

Open and hidden models

Depending on the purpose of the holster, there are models for both hidden and exposed garments.

The sheath is open. Designed to be worn more than clothes. It is made of materials that are highly resistant to external physical effects – contact with saucers, stones, moisture, chemicals, and aggressive ambient temperatures. Repairing the rifle is done using a strap equipped with Velcro or buttons. This scabbard is designed to protect firearms. This model is also known as “operation”.

Hidden gloves. Designed to carry weapons under clothing. It can be either a submachine gun or an AKS-74 U-shortened shotgun. But most of the stealthy models are used to carry short-barreled pistols. The most common are hidden gloves. It allows you not to point out unnecessary weapons.

Why not show the firearms?

For the most part, the presence of firearms must at some point be hidden from prying eyes, because it is a serious force that requires great responsibility. Possession of a gun may predispose to crime for improper conduct, especially if someone in ordinary clothing owns one. The bright demonstration of firearms in a safe environment among ordinary people may cause others to panic or be angry. Wearing a hidden holster helps block out these negative impressions.

waist belt

To carry the Makarov pistol, ensuring easy use with the right hand, a distinctive model has been developed. This is a hidden glove for the PM belt. It is located to the left of the belt. But you can buy a model under the left hand – a glove for a left-handed person.

The most common and very popular among users is holster-Driver Holster. This product is intended for guides. In the production of this model, high-quality genuine Italian leather was used, which is bombarded with a special finish and blended with German Gutermann yarn, which significantly increases the strength of the product. This product is not afraid of getting into the water and is quite suitable for humid climates, which is possible by treating the tips with liquid skin.

The Makarov pistol was removed with the thumb from behind as well as from the front of the lumbar holster.