Toledo car accident: 5 circumstances when you need a lawyer 

Auto accidents are not uncommon or unheard of in Ohio. Following an on-road mishap in Toledo, you need to take steps to protect your rights. If the other driver acted in a negligent manner, you could sue them for damages. You can claim a settlement from the at-fault side as long as you are not more than 50% to blame (Ohio is a modified comparative fault state). Should you consider seeking legal advice? Here are five circumstances when you should consider hiring a Toledo car accident attorney.

  1. When your injuries are debilitating or catastrophic. Many car accidents often cause unprecedented damage. If your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from working further, or when the path to recovery is a long one, you could be entitled to a higher settlement. An attorney can talk to medical experts and work on your car accident claim accordingly.
  2. When you are partly at fault. As we mentioned earlier, Ohio laws allow you to recover a settlement even with partial fault. However, the insurance company and the other party will try to pass the blame on you. If you have no experience negotiating with insurance companies, it is best to have an attorney on your side.
  3. When there are multiple parties involved. If the accident involved more than two vehicles, it would be hard to find who or what caused the accident. In such circumstances, you should consult an attorney who can investigate and gather evidence. Your lawyer can also handle all the negotiations and discussions on your behalf.
  4. When you had previous injuries/diseases. If you have suffered other injuries before the car accident, the insurance company will try to prove that your injuries are not related to your current claim. Attorneys can help prove facts and take the matter to court if your claim is denied or when the settlement offer is too low.
  5. When there was a truck involved. Auto accidents that involve trucks and commercial transport vehicles are often inherently complex. That’s because, beyond the trucker, even other parties such as the trucking company or the cargo loader could be at fault. You need an attorney who can work on such claims and has previous experience representing clients.

If you are hiring a car accident lawyer, ensure that they have been to court for such cases. Courtroom experience for personal injury cases is not something many lawyers have.