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The Best Wineries To Visit In Italy. When you hear the words Italy and wine, you can be sure that the first thing that comes to your mind is the Igino Accordini winery check also
Italy has enjoyed a relationship with wine that spans thousands of years. Wine is an integral part of Italian culture, gastronomy, economy, social and others. The country’s wide variety of micro-climates, soil conditions, and regional traditions all contribute to its rich and dynamic enological heritage offering more than 2,000 varieties of autochthonous along with some of the world’s most beloved grapes.

Italy is one country where the quality of food and wine is very important in every meal. When visiting a boot-shaped peninsula, every traveler should make sure to include at least one visit to local wine, however small, as this is where Italian ambrosia is famous.

Some countries in the world consider champagne to be a weekend dish or are usually drunk to celebrate something successful.

There are several brands and types of wine that are very expensive. Not only that, there are also several wine places, aka bottles of wine, which are also sold at high prices.

In fact, Italy also has a line of white wines that taste no less delicious. Its popularity is indeed under red wine, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a peek at some of the best quality white wines produced in Italy.

Get rid of any doubts, because Italy has positioned itself as a world-class wine producer. It is estimated that one in every five bottles of wine sold in the world is made in Italy, which offers something very distinctive.

Drink Fairly and Benefit from Wine

Prevents Premature Aging

All kinds of ways are done to keep looking young. From consuming various organic foods to doing expensive treatments at luxury beauty salons.

Those of you who want to look younger can prevent the appearance of various signs of premature aging. One way you can do this is to drink red wine. Red wine has procyanidin compounds. These substances can keep blood vessels healthy.

In addition, there are also polyphenols and resveratrol in red wine. Both of these substances are useful for protecting the skin from free radicals. Thus the skin can stay young and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, the signs of premature aging.

Maintain Mental Health

Consuming red wine turns out to have a lot of good benefits for our bodies. One of the benefits that you should know is that it can maintain mental health. This has been proven after research conducted by several universities in Spain.

The study revealed that consuming wine can reduce the risk of depression. Those who are 58 years old and drink a glass of alcoholic beverage per day have a 20% better chance of old age. They do not have serious illnesses or physical limitations. Apart from having good digestion, those who consume wine also have good mental health.

Lowering the Risk of Heart Disease

Drinking red wine regularly without overdoing it can reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because red wine contains flavonoids which play an important role in preventing heart disease. Good cholesterol levels increase so that they can prevent hardening of the arteries. In addition, blood can flow more smoothly and can reduce the formation of blood clots.

Prevent cancer

Drinking red wine regularly can prevent cancer. Researchers have found that the risk of cancer decreased by 50% for women who regularly drink red wine in moderation. This is due to the content of antioxidants and phytoestrogens in grapes. Both of these compounds have high anticancer properties. Researchers from the University of Michigan also revealed that compounds in red wine can kill ovarian cancer cells in a test tube. The Best Wineries To Visit In Italy.