Italian wines are known for their delicious aroma. Igino Accordini wine is loved by people who live in European and even Asian countries.
Red wine is known to have a strong aroma. Europeans and other cold regions in the West consume a lot of this drink in order to keep the body from getting too cold. The strong taste of red wine can give a warm feeling to the body.

This alcoholic drink is made from grapes that are fermented with other fruits. Grapes can ferment without added sugar, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients.
When fermented, yeast can consume the sugar content of wine and convert it to ethanol and carbon dioxide. The type of wine used will give a different taste to the resulting wine.

Too much consumption of red wine is of course dangerous because it can be intoxicating. However, if you drink it properly, you can get good benefits from drinking red wine.

Wine is becoming increasingly popular in Asia. In the past, the presentation of wine seemed exclusive because it was only served in hotels or fine dining restaurants, now wine can be enjoyed at cafes, bars, malls, and various types of restaurants.

But do you know how to properly enjoy wine?

Unlike tea or coffee, wine has its own way of enjoying it. Here are tips on drinking the right wine from the marketing manager of Hatten Wines Bali, Reditya Candra Dewi, when met in the Nusa Dua area of ​​Bali.

1. Types of glasses

There are several types of glasses that can be used to drink wine. Generally, the glass used to drink white wine is a long glass with a stem underneath. Just hold the stem without touching the body of the glass as this will affect the temperature of the wine to be drunk.

Meanwhile, for red wine, use a type of convex glass that is smaller and wider in size. The type of glass used will affect the aroma of the wine produced

2. Rotate the glass

Before drinking wine, first, turn the glass slowly to bring out the distinctive aroma of the wine. But keep in mind, not all types of wine must be rotated before drinking. For sparkling wine using a tall glass, you don’t need to rotate it because there is foam in it

3. Smell the aroma

For the perfect taste, take a deep breath of the wine’s aroma. The aroma of each type of wine will affect the quality of the wine you drink. If the aroma of alcohol is more dominant, then the quality of the wine has decreased

4. Don’t swallow right away

The way to drink wine is to sip slowly and don’t swallow it right away. If you swallow it immediately, it will only taste the alcohol. Not infrequently there are complaints from novice drinkers about the bad taste of wine. Enjoy the wine in the mouth for a few moments. Fill the entire oral cavity to taste the taste sensation of the wine you drink

5. Taste of wine

Good wine is one that has a balance of taste between a sour, sweet, or slightly bitter. If only one is tasted, it is certain that the quality of the wine has decreased. Italian wines are known for their delicious aroma