Here are 6 Ways To Speed Up Your Divorce

The ending of an unhappy marriage can be longer than you expect. Divorce, in general, is a pretty heavy paperwork process that involves a lot of legal formalities and procedures. These procedures can take up to months to years, depending on the complexity of your divorce.

However, with a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio, a well-planned divorce can be executed fast and with minimal difficulty.

Here are a few ways how the process of divorce can be fastened:

  1. Splitting of assets: At the time of divorce, the significant assets purchased by the parting couple need to be split among them. If the couple already agrees on who gets what, the decision regarding dividing the assets can take place with ease, and additional court proceedings in this regard need not occur. A mediator can also be used in this situation.
  2. Legal awareness: The preparation for the divorce should include being aware of all the present divorce laws, stipulations, and the process of divorce. Divorce laws vary from state to state, and therefore keeping oneself updated with any changes in the legal aspect can prove to be very helpful.
  3. Financial aspect: Money and other financial information need to be sorted out to prevent any further clash. Payment of bills, mortgages, taxes to child support payments, alimony, etc., needs to be figured out. The use of a financial advisor is highly advisable.
  4. Type of divorce: Choosing which type of divorce you want to proceed with can help determine the proper legal approach and help estimate the time it will take to finalize the divorce. Uncontested divorce and mediation are the fastest ways to finalize a divorce.
  5. Divorce meetings: Keep in mind that meetings conducted to carry out divorce should be attended in a timely fashion rather than postponing such meetings. Make sure both you and your spouse are present so that transparency is maintained.
  6. Save up money: If the marriage seems to head towards divorce, start saving a pretty heavy chunk to pay for a good divorce attorney that can help make the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible. Divorces can be costly, and if one lacks funds during the separation process, the procedure only gets dragged and prolonged.

These few tips will come in handy to speed up the divorce process. However, it is in your best interest to consult a lawyer specializing in family law or divorce. The lawyer will also make sure your divorces do not unnecessarily get dragged.