What material is better to buy a cheap bong

Who doesn’t like cheap bongs? I mean cheap stuff in general, but bongs especially. After all, the quality will never be as good as that of an expensive one. You can get cheap bongs for sale at various bong shops and smoke stores – just look through their catalogs and search for your desired cheap piece. If you don’t want to spend much money on a pipe – go cheap…

Okay, I got it cheap, what now?

Well… after you got your cheap bongs or cheap water pipe, you should think about smoking out of it. The fact is: Cheap pipes are cheap because they contain a lot of plastic parts and low-quality materials such as acrylic glass. There’s nothing wrong with acrylic bongs, you can smoke out of them without too much hassle. Nevertheless, cheap bongs are often not that sturdy and should be handled with care, especially at the places where the stem is attached to the chamber.

The cheap plastic bongs don’t seem very durable, though

That’s why it’s advisable to buy cheap glass bongs (the acrylic ones might break if they fall down or something like this). If you go for a cheap glass bong you’ll get a cheap smoking device made out of good material – plus it will last longer than cheap acrylic water pipes. But what does “cheap” mean? How cheap should I go to get high-quality products? The answer is simple: You should ask yourself which cheap bongs you can find at headshops nearby. These cheap bongs for sale are really cheap (duh) and they also come in a variety of designs and colors.

Most cheap bongs have a removable downstem. Some cheap bongs don’t even have a stem, but let the smoke travel through the base instead – these types of cheap glass bongs are called “beaker base” bongs. The downstem is usually made out of acrylic or pyrex. Of course, there are also cheap glass downstems available that can give your smoking device even more style. If your cheap water pipe has a removable downstem, it should be easy to clean it… just get an old bottle brush from underneath your sink, put it in the cheap bong’s downstem, pour water inside your cheap pipe, and rub. Done.

Cheap bongs are designed to be cheap

You can buy cheap bongs for sale at various smoke stores – just have a look through their catalogs! However, think about how often you’re going to use your cheap bong before you actually go ahead and buy it – if you’re not sure whether you’ll use cheap glass bongs or cheap acrylic bongs that often, then take some time off until you’ve decided what you want/need. If cheap smoking devices are only meant to be used every now and then (or as “tester” equipment), they might not last very long… but maybe this is just me thinking too much.

Anyway, cheap bongs can be cheap because of a lot of reasons – just look at the design and the quality to find out if it’s cheap or not. If you want cheap bongs for sale, these cheap bongs contain cheap materials such as cheap acrylic glass or cheap pyrex. So what do you think: Are cheap water pipes worth buying?