UX and UI are quite mysterious acronyms, which might be heard when preparing a webpage. If you want to know what UX and UI actually mean and why they are important for your site – sit comfortably and read this article.

Basic definitions you should know

To make it easier to understand the IT depths, you should also know the web design and web development definitions. They are closely related to UI and UX and thus – it’s good to know them.

Thus, web design is a really wide category. It can mean all the graphic issues related to the website, but also – the navigation on it. Both UX and UI are a part of web design.

When it comes to web development, it’s more of a technical thing. It’s all about the code and we can talk about the front end and back end development. We won’t go into more specifics for now, as web development isn’t the topic of today’s article.

UX – meaning

UX stands for User Experience and it’s probably exactly what you think it is. This is a sort of specialization of web design, which takes a look at the user reactions when opening a page. We can even say that it’s kind of web design but from the page visitor’s perspective. The main question that is being asked when looking at the UX is “how to make the user want to stay on the page, sign up, and potentially buy goods or services?”.

It’s important to take care of the UX, because when the user experience is poor (i.e. the page is opening too slow) – there is a really small chance the visitor of the page will stay on it. The UX is heavily involved in the appearance of the site and in drawing attention to colors, sizes, as well as the general visual flow of the page.

UI – what does it stand for?

UI is an acronym for User Interface and in general, its main concern is the controls used by people to interact with the webpage (or application). It can cover the regulars such as the keyboard, but also the gesture controls.

The key to good UI work is to… make it look as if nothing was done. All in all, if the user doesn’t really pay attention to how he navigates on the page – it means the UI was taken care of correctly. In order to make your page as user-friendly as possible, you should hire specialists in the IT field – i.e. Cut2Code. Thanks to them, you can have the best webpage with great UX and UI design.

UI or UX – which one do you need?

As you probably guessed from the previous information, it’s not about which one you need, it’s more like “which one should be taken care of first ”. Ideally, both UI and UX should be taken care of simultaneously. This way, we can get the best possible effects in the shortest period of time. Thanks to that – the page is not only done faster, but also the risk of any mistakes or crashes is cut to minimum. If you already have a web page of your business, but it seems not to be responsive enough or it lacks “something” you can’t really put your finger on, it might be a good idea to contact a web design agency. The specialists will definitely take care of the page for you.