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Should You Plead Guilty In A DUI? 

If you’ve got yourself involved in a DUI case, there’s probably no way to get out of it without suffering losses. The wise choice here would be to contact the top-rated DUI law firm in your state and hire a lawyer. Though they may not be able to prove your innocence, they can significantly reduce your punishment.

Often you have two choices in such cases- either plead guilty or fight the case in the hope to win. It is human nature to avoid court matters and settle the conflict quickly, but pleading guilty can be disastrous to your life. Always consult your lawyer before deciding to take legal steps.

Does admitting guilt work in your favor in a DUI?

DUI is a severe offense, and it is never a good idea to plead guilty in such cases until and unless your lawyer asks you to, which is a rare scenario. A lawyer will try to protect you and reduce your penalties as much as possible, and if there are chances of you winning the case, they will suggest that you keep defending yourself.

The reason for this is that you can often win DUI cases with the right lawyer. This is because there is no often little to no evidence of people being drunk. Even a breathalyzer can have technical defects and thus do not prove anything. Also, a breath test can detect alcohol even if you have had one small drink, which does not affect a person’s driving at all.

Therefore, there is no way to prove your DUI until and unless you had given a urine test, or there is footage of you violating traffic rules, or if you had confessed or admitted guilt.

However, there are times when your lawyer will suggest you plead guilty. This is when your case is weak, and you’re likely to lose the case. In that case, pleading guilty will seek you some leniency in your punishment.

Also, if your driving has hurt another person, and if they offer you a plea bargain, it is a wise choice to take it. In a plea bargain, you have to pay for the victim’s medical bills, car damages, and other losses, and in return for this, you get leniency in your sentence.

Consequences of admitting guilt

Admitting guilt can lead to various consequences:

  • Jail time
  • DUI offense in your records
  • Mandatory community service
  • Drinking and driving educational camp
  • License suspension
  • It can affect your job, school/college admissions, and personal relationships.

As you can see, there is no safe way out from a DUI until and unless you win the case with the help of a good lawyer. Contact the Barnes Law Firm to consult about your DUI and discuss whether you have a chance of winning.