One oil, thousands of possibilities. It is incredible that Mother Nature is capable of producing oil as versatile as palm oil.
You may ask yourself: What is palm oil? It is an edible vegetable oil that is obtained from red fruits that grow on oil palm trees.
These trees grow easily in countries near the equator because they require abundant sunlight for their development.
Although many people do not know it, palm oil is used in a wide variety of edible products such as chocolate, pasta, ice cream, and even powdered milk.
Its high heat resistance allows it to fry food without evaporating while providing a crispy and crunchy texture.

Working together for a sustainable future

Because palm oil is widely used around the world and by many different types of manufacturing companies, its demand grows over the years. To make this growth sustainable and environmentally friendly, the European Palm Oil Alliance was created.
To achieve a quality product it is necessary to establish working tables with all the actors involved in the production and refining of palm oil. This is where the European Palm Oil Alliance participates, coordinating the efforts not only of producers and refiners but also of other sectors involved in the commercialization of palm oil.
The goal is to achieve a high-quality product that is sustainable but also promotes the economic development of society.
Replacing palm oil with other types of oil is not an option because less land is required to produce the same amount of oil compared to other oil crops.

It is always important to take the initiative

We all live together on this beautiful planet and it is the responsibility of each one of us to support all the initiatives that have as their mission to promote its development without causing irreversible damage to its ecosystem.
The European Palm Oil Alliance has achieved an alliance between various European palm oil-producing countries with the mission of establishing processes and recommendations that promote the implementation of efficient and sustainable processes.
We only have this planet and we share it with many other species with which we must live in harmony.
Thanks to the efforts of the European Palm Oil Alliance we have been able to share inspiring stories of people who make a sustainable product possible, attracting more and more interested people to this project.
The perfect time to get involved is now.