It sounds like a question that not many business owners would ask themselves. It all depends on the image you want to convey to your customers. Harley-Davidson is an exclusive brand. Customers looking for Harley-Davidson OEM parts know the high quality with which these spare parts are manufactured and tested. It’s not about being vain or pretentious. It’s about always striving for the best. If you want to stand out from your competition, you need your customers to see you as someone who is willing to offer them only the best. If you sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts in your business, your customers will know they can trust you. Remember that nowadays many customers research on the Internet before they buy. You must always be prepared to offer the best service and always be honest.

How to sell to customers looking for aftermarket parts?

Let’s think of all the possibilities. There is a customer who managed to buy their Harley-Davidson a few years ago, but due to the economic situation, they can’t afford the price of Harley-Davidson OEM parts. This is where you have to become an advisor rather than a salesman. We’re not just talking about a spare part and that’s it. There are other factors for your customer to consider. If they don’t use Harley-Davidson OEM parts, they are risking the other parts on their motorcycle. The domino effect can cause the poor quality aftermarket part to damage the original spare parts faster. Also, remember that the original parts guarantee many more miles and are therefore worth every penny. You must make sure that your customer understands that it is not a sales strategy, but advice that you are giving them.

How to sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts to your customers?

Incredible as it may seem, some customers think that quality is not worth the investment. The Internet can help you with this. Using social media, you can make posts explaining the advantages of buying Harley-Davidson OEM parts. You could start by talking about the history of the brand and its high commitment to quality. This commitment is so great that they offer your customers an excellent warranty, assuring them headache-free miles. Another good strategy is to include photos or videos of the differences between the quality of Harley-Davidson OEM parts and aftermarket parts. Not only will you be demonstrating that your business is solid and knowledgeable, but you will also create a bond with potential customers. The more information you provide, the more they will trust you and your sales will increase.