The health or fitness products industry in the U.S. alone has an annual revenue of around $27.6 billion. Every day, more and more people are joining this new trend because thanks to the Internet they can discover its benefits and the problems that obesity causes in the medium and long term. Cosmetic bottles are perfect to start your health or fitness products business. The first thing to consider is the type of glass you will use. We recommend the Miron glass. This simple but sophisticated glass is able to block the harmful effects of sunlight, which means that your products can be 100% natural and stay fresh for much longer. These cosmetic bottles are the perfect marketing tool for your new company.

A picture says more than a thousand words

Everyone is drawn to the way a product looks. It’s the first thing that catches the attention of your future customers. Despite being violet in color, cosmetic bottles made with Miron glass have a shiny black color. This shade transfers a sense of authority and solidity to your products, which will undoubtedly stand out on the shelves. You should make sure that your company name and logo convey security. Another important point is to inform your potential customers about the benefits of your products and the reason why you use those cosmetic bottles. The biggest brands have learned that customers are not only looking for a good product, they are also looking for everything behind the product and the brand. The more information you give your customers, the more likely you are to generate a bond that will lead them to buy your products.

Cosmetic bottles allow you to expand your marketing strategy

We already said that a good strategy to successfully bring your health or fitness products to your customers is to mention that they are 100% natural. Thanks to the extra protection that violet cosmetic bottles have, you don’t need to use preservatives. But your marketing strategy could go much further and turn your brand into a multi-faceted alternative. For example, through social media you can give your customers ideas of other uses for cosmetic bottles once your product runs out. Your customers can store tea leaves, coffee and spices, to name a few. Not only do you offer solutions to your customers, but you become a versatile brand that offers them the flexibility to choose what to do with the bottles. This is a good strategy to reach more customers.