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Help for sexual assault in Atlanta: Get an attorney immediately

The aftermath of a sexual assault can be devastating. Contrary to what many people believe, sexual assault in Georgia is not just about rape or molestation. Fondling, groping, or unwanted touching also amounts to sexual assault. “Consent” is an important word to note here. If the victim didn’t consent to the accused’s action, it is a clear case of sexual assault. Following a sexual assault, the victim and their immediate family seek justice. The criminal case will ensure that the accused serves jail/prison terms and pays necessary fines and penalties to the state. Should the victim file an injury case? In this post, we are sharing more on such lawsuits and why it’s important to hire an Atlanta sexual assault injury attorney.

Filing a civil personal injury lawsuit

The criminal justice system is important to punish criminals, murderers, and rapists. However, the victim’s family may have a long road ahead. If the sexual assault caused grievous injuries, the victim might need months to heal and thousands of dollars in treatments. The penalties or fines paid by the convicted individual go to the state. In other words, the victim doesn’t get anything. That’s where filing a personal injury lawsuit can help. Unlike criminal charges, the burden of proof is considerably less for civil lawsuits. The victim needs to prove that the other party caused intentional harm, and the compensation will cover their losses and medical bills.

Finding a sexual assault lawyer in Atlanta

Not all attorneys deal in civil or injury cases related to sexual assault. One needs to make sure that the lawyer has the experience to settle the matter. A considerable number of injury cases in Georgia are settled outside of court. Still, if the matter ends up in trial, the lawyer’s experience and courtroom confidence will come in handy. A good attorney should offer a clear overview of what to expect from the case and in a settlement. It is easier to compare options when one is looking for good reviews, direct references of other clients, and attorney profiles.

Final word

There is no way to feel better after a sexual assault, but a financial settlement from the accused can help the victim and their family tide through the tough times. Consider hiring an attorney soon after the accident for immediate help. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation for sexual assault victims in Georgia, which is a big advantage.