As we have observed in many regions and cities, in recent years development has been very rapid. Lots of construction projects such as bridges, factories, power plants, malls, and condotels as well as well-known shopping centers have been built. And this makes the demand for building construction materials clearly even higher. Nowadays, apart from welded joints, TC bolts are also one of the most familiar construction connection tools.
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The benefits of using TC bolts

The invention of steel bolts is one of the innovations in the world construction system, in particular for the construction of bridges and power plants and in which if we use this material we will get several conveniences/benefits, including:

  • More practical work,
  • Construction execution is relatively fast (time-efficient)
  • The quality of the building is stronger
  • The building construction has been high-tech.

Various uses of TC bolts in the construction

In line with the increasing need for building, the need for building materials will also indirectly increase. The TC bolts are no exception. And to make it easier for us to map the benefits of this type of material on a construction project. In the following, we describe its uses based on sub development work, including:

The function of steel bolts in structural work

The use of bolts in the scope of building structure work is classified as the most. When we compare it with other job scopes. This happens because the structure of a building generally consists of 3 (three) types, namely
1). Concrete structure,
2]. Wooden structure, and
3]. Steel frame structure.

Especially in steel frame structures, TC bolts are one of the most familiar steel connection systems besides welding. Because almost all of the various types of this material can be found in the steel frame structure components.

Bolts are also useful in architectural work

Given that architectural work is work related to the finishing or appearance of the building. So the use of bolts is relatively less.

As for the various uses of fastening bolts in the scope of architectural work. For example, when installing railing stairs and balconies, and for retrofitting. As well as the installation of door and window accessories.

Building utilities requiring bolts

The functions of bolts in the scope of building utility work include the installation of iron or wooden ladders, as well as the installation of elevator and escalator units.

For us to know also, the type of bolt that is commonly used for this work is the fastening bolt. Among other things, the steel anchor and the planting anchor. As for a small part of the use of nut bolts, we will find it in the elevator or escalator frame components.

The need for bolts in mechanical electrical work

Meanwhile, in mechanical and electrical work (ME), the function of the bolt is mostly as complementary material. For example, when installing electrical cables, some of which will require some planting bolts (screws). Likewise for the installation of telephone cables, internet, or lightning rods, the type of bolt that is commonly used is the fastening bolt.

Uses of steel bolts for plumbing and drainage

The same goes for the scope of work in architecture, utility, and electrical mechanics. The use of bolts in plumbing and drainage works is also very small. This is because in general the scope of this work is closely related to waterways.

As for the use of bolts in this sub work, we often encounter it when we want to install a sink. Which of this furniture we have to attach to the wall using bolts. Likewise when installing a shower in the bathroom.

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